Estes Designs’ Community Spotlight: Oakmont Community

Estes T3Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes partners with many property managers and homeowner associations to bring a fresh look to communities. Later this month Estes Designs will complete a community-wide mailbox replacement on the north side of Indianapolis.

Estes will be improving the curb appeal of the Oakmont community, a smaller, established, gated community. The president of Oakmont’s Homeowner’s Association reached out to Estes Designs because she wanted a more “substantial” mailbox than the standard type. When Estes met the HOA president on site and showed her the Estes T3 and all its upgraded features, she immediately agreed to buy them. Oakmont community upgraded because they liked the look, durability and features of the Estes mailboxes. The Estes T3 mailboxes’ style and quality also matched the community well. Estes is looking forward to helping Oakmont community build on their unique, high-quality look.

Estes Design Mailbox and Streetscapes looks to bring a refreshed look to any community –whether it be for an entire neighborhood or an individual homeowner. Want to refresh your community? Get your own Estes T3 mailbox  or call us at (317) 899-5556.


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What Does it Mean to be Approved by the Postmaster General?

postmaster general mailboxIn the United States, there are only 36 manufacturers who produce mailboxes with the “Approved by the Postmaster General” designation. Estes Designs is one of those 36 manufacturers, but what does it mean to be approved by the Postmaster General?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a number of specifications that manufacturers must meet in order to be approved by the Postmaster General. Firstly, the mailbox must be between 18 9/16 and 22 13/16 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 6 to 15 inches tall. Secondly, the mailbox must be able to hold a test gauge.  Another determining factor in the Postmaster’s approval is workmanship. If a manufacturer does not produce a mailbox with “the best commercial practice workmanship standards in the fabrication of all components and assemblies” (, the mailbox will not be approved.

In order to be approved by the Postmaster General, the mailbox must also meet a certain floor requirement to ensure that all mail is protected from damage due to condensation or moisture. Lastly, the mailbox must feature a carrier flag.

Estes Designs is proud to meet all of these requirements in order to provide quality mailboxes for our customers. In need of a mailbox? Shop now for your Postmaster General approved Estes Designs mailbox.



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Estes Designs Mailbox Brackets Offer Additional Security for Your Mailbox

Brackets on mailbox post and mailboxOne example is our aluminum mailbox brackets. Estes’ brackets hold your mailbox securely to the post. There is no longer any need to measure, cut, and mount a baseboard to secure the box. Our aluminum brackets provide a strong, durable hold without rotting. Estes Designs offers two sizes of brackets:  a 4 inch and a 6 inch option that fits most standard medium and large mailboxes and wood posts.

The mailbox brackets below IMAGE 1 displays the product image of Estes aluminum brackets prior to being shipped and installed. IMAGE 2 shows the Estes brackets fully installed and operational on one of our mailboxes.

If you’re interested in this innovative  solution for your mailbox, then order online or call Estes Designs at 317-899-5556 to place an order.

Image 1: Bracket with screws (as sold)

Image 2: Bracket Installed

4inchbrackets                bracke-nomailbox



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