Don’t Re-Paint, Just Replace Your Mailbox

Here at Estes, we want to make caring for your mailbox as hassle free as we can. When your mailbox has lost its shine and is beginning to show its age it’s time to replace it, not re-paint it.  At Estes, all of our boxes are powder coated for a reason. The benefit of powder coating is that it “bakes”

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Estes Designs Mailbox Brackets Offer Additional Security for Your Mailbox

Brackets on mailbox post and mailboxOne example is our aluminum mailbox brackets. Estes’ brackets hold your mailbox securely to the post. There is no longer any need to measure, cut, and mount a baseboard to secure the box. Our aluminum brackets provide a strong, durable hold without rotting. Estes Designs offers two sizes of brackets:  a 4 inch and a 6 inch option that fits most standard medium and large mailboxes and wood posts.

The mailbox brackets below IMAGE 1 displays the product image of Estes aluminum brackets prior to being shipped and installed. IMAGE 2 shows the Estes brackets fully installed and operational on one of our mailboxes.

If you’re interested in this innovative  solution for your mailbox, then order online or call Estes Designs at 317-899-5556 to place an order.

Image 1: Bracket with screws (as sold)

Image 2: Bracket Installed

4inchbrackets                bracke-nomailbox



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Why Estes Mailboxes are Different

You may not have given much thought to the differences between mailboxes and the various options available.  Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, is dedicated to manufacturing unique and innovative mailboxes that are both elegant and durable.  The Estes brand mailboxes are manufacturing using rust-free

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