Importance of HOA Covenants

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Have you ever wondered how HOA Covenants came to exist and why they bring value to a community? When a community is initially created and the land is developed, the developer declares a declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The declaration creates a covenant condition embedded in an assessment lien, which HOAs can place on your house in order to ensure conformance. This is usually agreed to and signed by homeowners when closing the loan on a house.

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Water’s Edge Community Spotlight

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This week Estes Designs is happy to give Water’s Edge Community, located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, the spotlight! At Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, we strive to provide the best customer service. In addition, we continuously look for new ways to serve our customers. Our improvement project with Water’s Edge Community is a great representation of our commitment to customers.

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What to do if Your Mailbox is a Victim of Hail Damage

Central Indiana has recently experienced spring storms, and it is definitely the time of year where Hoosiers and others throughout the country can expect to experience hail. Unfortunately, hail means the potential for damage to your property including your mailbox. People typically think to check their roof or vehicle for damage, but make sure to check your mailbox too, as most mailboxes are made of very thin metal that is easily dented. Small dents will likely be visible on top of mailbox, but it never hurts to take a more careful look, as large hail can affect the shape of a mailbox and make it difficult for the door to operate (close) properly.

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Estes Designs Celebrates Mailbox Improvement Week

Each year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) designates the third week of May as Mailbox Improvement. This year, May 21-27 will be Mailbox Improvement Week. During this week residents are encouraged to assess and, if needed, improve their mailboxes’ appearance. USPS highlights the importance of providing mailboxes that are: approved by the Postmaster General, designed to protect mail from weather, safe to use, conveniently located, and neat in appearance.

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Keep People Smiling with Estes Designs and Tube Dude

Authored by: Brad Shaffer, Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes Manager

Tube Dude 1     Tube Dude

Recently, I was on vacation in Longboat Key, Florida with my family. I was taking a morning bike ride when I came across two smiling structures waving at me on the side of the road and holding a mailbox. I was intrigued by these interesting figures, so I got off my bike to take these pictures.  Later that day I was with my family shopping and noticed a store with these same sculptures!  I immediately walked into the store to find out more. Here I met Scott Gerber, the creator and the owner of Tube Dude.

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Estes Designs Partners With Butler’s College of Business

Since January, Brad Shaffer, Manager of Estes Designs, has been working with senior marketing students from Butler University to develop a new marketing strategy. This partnership allowed students to be exposed to a new industry, learn about and tour the Estes operation, and to apply lessons from the business school in a real business setting. On the other hand, Estes loved to share strategies and knowledge of the mailbox and streetscapes industry, to connect with students, and to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

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Get Ready For Spring with an Estes Trimmer Guard

Trimmer_Guard_with_postNow that spring weather is upon us, it means that landscaping season is about to be in full swing. With spring comes mowing and weed eating that could eat away at your mailbox post. Thankfully, Estes Designs has a simple solution.

Estes Designs offers expandable trimmer guards that can easily adjust to the size of your post. These trimmer guards are made out of aluminum so they will not rust, and they have a durable, pre-bent design which results in a uniform, clean straight corner. This product helps protect your mailbox post from the weather, rust, lawnmower and weed eater! Currently, we offer 4”x4” and 6”x6” options for sale on, and we will soon offer a 4”x6” option.

Make sure that your mailbox post is protected this spring. Purchase your 4×4 trimmer guard or 6×6 trimmer guard  from Amazon today. Interested in our other products? Visit  or call 317-899-5556.


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Estes Designs’ Community Spotlight: Edenwilde Community

At Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, we believe customer service is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we are always looking for new ways to serve our customers better. Our phased mailbox swap out in the Edenwilde Community, on the southwest side of Indianapolis, speaks to that.

The Edenwilde Community recognized the quality of service that Estes provides and wanted to partner with us to improve their community, but Edenwilde could not commit to an entire community mailbox replacement at once. Instead, Estes worked with the Edenwilde Community to do a phased mailbox swap-out over three years. This option allowed the Edenwilde Community to spread the cost over a number of years, which allowed them to devote funds to other projects in their community while improving their curb appeal over time.

Looking for a reliable and flexible partner that will help spruce up your community? Partner with Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes. Check out our products or call us at (317) 899-5556.


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Estes Design and Manufacturing: Estes Designs’ Manufacturing Arm

At Estes Designs, we believe that a great company starts with a great core. That has been our belief since we were created in 2003. As a branch of Estes Design and Manufacturing, a full service sheet metal fabricator established in 1976, we share ideals that lead to high quality products and exceptional service for our customers.

Estes Design and Manufacturing, our parent company, is based on a few principles to best produce products with a level of service and quality preferred by the customer. In order to do this Estes focuses on: people of high character, creative and innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technology, and continuous improvement. From this, our parent company was able (and continues) to deliver exceptional products and service to our customers, and to expand to create Estes Designs.

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Estes Designs’ Community Spotlight: Oakmont Community

Estes T3Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes partners with many property managers and homeowner associations to bring a fresh look to communities. Later this month Estes Designs will complete a community-wide mailbox replacement on the north side of Indianapolis.

Estes will be improving the curb appeal of the Oakmont community, a smaller, established, gated community. The president of Oakmont’s Homeowner’s Association reached out to Estes Designs because she wanted a more “substantial” mailbox than the standard type. When Estes met the HOA president on site and showed her the Estes T3 and all its upgraded features, she immediately agreed to buy them. Oakmont community upgraded because they liked the look, durability and features of the Estes mailboxes. The Estes T3 mailboxes’ style and quality also matched the community well. Estes is looking forward to helping Oakmont community build on their unique, high-quality look.

Estes Design Mailbox and Streetscapes looks to bring a refreshed look to any community –whether it be for an entire neighborhood or an individual homeowner. Want to refresh your community? Get your own Estes T3 mailbox  or call us at (317) 899-5556.


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