Estes Products, meet Amazon’s Choice

Estes Designs Trimmer Guards and Brackets recognized as Amazon Choice products

Estes Designs is excited to announce that we have finally reached a milestone with the eCommerce portion of our business as of May, 2019. Not only were we excited to have our best month yet in sales on Amazon but, five of our products were listed as Amazon’s Choice for the first time since we started leveraging the platform to reach more customers. The five products we were excited to see listed are:

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The Indianapolis Red Line: Is the short-term pain worth the long-term gain?

How homeowners, small business owners, and commuters might come out on top in the end

The Indianapolis Red Line has been a hotly debated topic in local news for the past few months, and a dividing topic amongst Indianapolis residents. Driving down downtown streets, you’ll find many yards sporting “IM ON BOARD for better transit” signs, showing their favor for a transit system that is more ecofriendly and accessible for Indianapolis residents. But, on the other side, you’ll find many are grumbling about slow morning commutes due to construction and mentions of the Red Line being a “glorified public bus”.

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Housing Market Update: Millennial Edition

How 2019’s millennials are beating stereotypes and buying in the least likely places

Most of 2018 was a hot year for the housing market, but as we approached the later months, the housing market began to cool off. Why is that? Well, as we addressed in our previous housing market blog update back in January, much of 2017 and 2018 was red hot for homeowners looking to sell their homes. This was due to high demand from buyers and little competition. But like all imbalanced markets, market forces began to shift in the later months of 2018, slowing the two year explosive growth sellers had been experiencing. Consequently, the housing market began to show signs of balance again as many buyers opted to wait patiently for an inevitable shift in tides. While 2019 continues to favor sellers, many existing buyers looking to upgrade to a larger home are seeing favorable prices decreases. That being said, what is the fate for first time home buyers? This segment has been priced out over the past two years, and has witnessed starter home price hikes averaging 57%. Is there hope for them in 2019?

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Community Spotlight: Salem Creek

Long-term project for lasting neighborhood improvements

This past week, Estes Designs completed year three of a five year project with Salem Creek HOA, a single family community located on the west side of Indianapolis. The project was referred to us by Association Management, Inc. in 2016 and we jumped at the prospect of a long-term relationship, since the majority of the projects we tackle are require short-term solutions. The property manager knew we had the resources, patience, and attention-to-detail that would be needed to get the long term, large scale project completed on time and at a fair price.

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10% Off of Mailbox Brackets and Trimmer Guards

Spring into Savings: 10% Off All Estes Designs Mailbox Accessories!

Mailbox trimmer guards, mailbox brackets, and mailbox posts all made in the USA

With warm weather here to stay, it’s time to start paying attention to your mailbox again. To help with that, Estes Designs is offering 10% off of all mailbox accessories, including all brackets and trimmer guards. Enter promo code “springsaves” during check out and you’ll automatically receive 10% off. This code is good until April 22, 2019!

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People of High Character

Estes’ Philosophy

People of High Character

Estes Design and Manufacturing recently wrote about one, and arguably the most important of their four main pillars that drive the Estes’ philosophy, people of high character. As a sister company of Estes Design and Manufacturing, we are proud to stand behind this same philosophy. At Estes Designs, our employees not only live up to the expectation of high character, but go above and beyond to exceed expectation every day.

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Builder's Association of Greater Indianapolis

Estes Designs: Proud Member of the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis

What is BAGI and how does it benefit the community?

BAGI began in 1922 and exists so that members of the residential construction industry and related businesses can conduct their business efficiently and ethically. Members of BAGI are held to a high standard and expected to provide the community with reliable, safe, affordable residential construction. The charter jurisdiction of BAGI includes: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan and Shelby counties.

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Estes Designs: A Culture of Continuous Innovation

At Estes Designs, we are dedicated to preserving a culture of continuous improvement and innovation across all areas of our business. Our team refuses to be content with the status quo, and we’ve focused our resources and energy on changing the world one mailbox at a time. That being said, as a manufacturer of consumer products, one of our major sources of creativity and innovation has always been and will continue to be our customers. We listen closely to your feedback and try to provide products that solve your problems.

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The 2019 Housing Market: Buyers and sellers seeing signs of balance back to the force

Why 2019 might be the first year since 2017 that buyers start to see more favorable prices

2018 was a hot year for the housing market. Characterized by bidding wars and on the spot home buying decisions, it was a whirlwind for sellers and buyers alike. Sellers especially enjoyed 2018, thanks to high demand from buyers, permitting them to stamp high price tags on their homes and reap the rewards inconsequentially. But, as we moved into the later months of 2018, the market began to slow as home prices soared a little too close to the sun, leading buyers to be more patient in hopes that prices would fall in 2019. December 2018 was still considered a good sellers’ market in comparison to past years, but it saw a major pump on the breaks when compared to 2018 as a whole. Now, as we move into 2019 and approach the spring months, here’s what you can expect if you’re looking to buy or sell a home.

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8-Unit Cluster Box

Community spotlight: Estes Designs creates a unique Cluster Box Unit for a property in Indianapolis

Estes Designs provides innovative solutions that benefit communities

Estes Designs recently worked with TWCG Property LLC to design and create a unique mailbox solution for the businesses near the Northwest side of Indianapolis. The owners of the commercial property wanted one centralized mail delivery and pickup location for its tenants. Not only did it need to be convenient, but the Cluster Box Unit (CBU) had to be safe and secure. Estes Designs jumped at the challenge of creating a CBU that best met the tenants’ needs for safety and one-stop access.

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