Community Spotlight: Geist Harbours uses Estes Designs to create consistency across its properties

Geist Harbours Property Owners Association, GHPOA, encompasses 12 neighborhoods and over 2,380 homes near Geist Reservoir in Indianapolis and Fishers, IN. Geist Harbours operates as a property owners association in order to properly manage, market, and sell homes in residential subdivisions.

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Why Use Trimmer Guards?

harm your home’s curb appeal?

One problem that many homeowners face today with lawn maintenance revolves around the damage done to the base of wooden mailbox posts.  With string trimmers whipping at the bottom of the posts every week during most of the year, unprotected wooden posts tend to have a much shorter life expectancy than other posts.

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Quality Mailboxes Come From Estes Designs

When you purchase a product from Estes Designs, you can be sure that this product is of the highest quality in the industry with the backing from a reputable company. We believe that a quality product made with the industry’s best materials is the only way to do business. Mailboxes are meant to be

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