Choosing the perfect mailbox unit is simple with Estes Designs.  We have over 3,000 combinations to ensure you get exactly what you need.

1.  Pick your mailbox.  We offer 5 types based on size and materials.

  • The Standard T1:  A great basic mailbox made of galvanized steel.
  • The Standard T2:  Our medium-sized galvanized steel mailbox.
  • The Standard T3:  Our largest galvanized mailbox.  Great if you receive a lot of parcels in the mail.
  • The Estes T2:  Our medium-sized all-aluminum model with a piano hinge and magnetic latch.
  • The Estes T3:  Our large-sized all-aluminum model with a piano hinge and magnetic latch.

2.  Add custom powder coating and/or lettering.  All of our mailboxes are available in a variety of colors.  We also offer customized lettering on all our mailboxes.  With our professional vinyl service, we can add your full address or only your street number on your mailbox.  Estes vinyl lettering is made to last and clearly identify your mailbox.

  • Pick the mailbox color color
  • Pick the vinyl lettering color
  • Pick the vinyl lettering font

3.  Pick your post size.  We offer 3 post sizes based on size:

  • 4×4 Cedar Post:
  • 4×6 Cedar Post:
  • 6×6 Cedar Post:

4.  Pick your optional accessories.

  • Paper Box: Estes offers solid cedar paperboxes that fit perfectly with your mailbox and post for a custom mailbox.
  • Aluminum Weed Trimmer Guard: Available in 3 sizes and made of solid aluminum so it will never rust

Featured Products

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