Wall Mount Mailbox

Estes Designs Installs Wall-Mounted Mailboxes in Glendale Village

Earlier this month, the Northern Indianapolis condominium community of Glendale Village was given a mailbox upgrade thanks to Estes Designs. Working closely with Glendale’s property management company, Ardsley Management, Estes Designs was able to replace and install 19 wall-mount mailboxes. Each  new mailbox added to the homes’ traditional and elegant feel. Estes Designs is expected to also install these wall-mounted mailboxes in Central State, another condominium community.

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Show love to your mailbox this February

Roses are red, violets are blue, and your mailbox wants something special this time of year too!

This time of year, your mailbox is often the last thing you’re thinking about. Between purchasing gifts for others and checking dinner reservations, your mailbox takes a backseat. With the warm months fast approaching, now is the best time to think about improving your mailbox, giving it the love and attention it deserves.

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Estes New T3 Mailbox

The new Estes Designs’ T3 mailbox is arriving in summer 2019

Introducing next generation in mailboxes

Does your mailbox screech every time you open it to retrieve your mail? Does the outside of your mailbox look more like the chassis of an unwashed semi-truck? Or, are you just tired of an average mailbox? Getting your mail should be an enjoyable experience. One that excites you and empowers you as you walk down your driveway. It’s your piece of land and you’re proud of everything you’ve built on it from the garden to the house to the perfectly cut grass. Sadly, your mailbox doesn’t meet the expectations you have for everything else on your property.

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Estes Designs’ Cluster Box Units: A Porch Pirates Worst Nightmare

Prevent package theft in your community with our high quality, secure CBU’s

Ding! You check your inbox and see that your Amazon package has shipped and will be arriving within a week. Jump forward seven days and you receive another email notifying you that your package has been delivered. You dart downstairs, fling open your front door, only to discover your package is nowhere to be found. Feelings of frustration set in as you contemplate whose sticky fingers nabbed your package.

Was it Martha down the street? That suspicious looking cyclist? Or maybe it was one of the Bumpus’s dogs thinking your package was a chew toy. If only you had a way to protect your packages from being vulnerable.

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Sky Simpson from Sky Mailboxes

The sky’s the limit

Estes Designs partners with Sky Boxes to help realize a young man’s dreams

Down syndrome has excluded Sky Simpson from numerous job opportunities and prevented him from working with others, but this did not discourage he and his father, Steven Simpson from starting their own company, Sky Boxes. The company began two years ago after Sky and Steven noticed the high rates homeowners were being charged for mailbox installations. Sky boxes mission is to fix this problem, and now it repairs and installs mailboxes.

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In the battle between snow plows and mailboxes, snow plows always win. So, to better serve you, we answer this question – what do you do if your mailbox gets hit by a snow plow?

While mailboxes need to be far enough off the road that they won’t be hit by cars, they need to be close enough that the mail carriers can reach it without leaving their trucks. Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes is familiar with local postmaster specifications and can ensure that your mailbox is installed correctly. However, sometimes with mailbox collisions, it’s not the placement of the mailbox, but the force of the snow that the plow is tossing. If the snow is wet and heavy, the force of the snow coming off the plow is enough to dent a mailbox or even loosen a post.
Regardless of how the mailbox is hit – whether directly plowed or avalanched by snow – follow these simple steps:

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Save your mailbox this winter with Estes Designs

We’re open normal hours all winter long to give our customers peace of mind

Winter is here, and we can guarantee that your mailbox is not happy about it. At Estes Designs, we understand that the winter months are a treacherous time for many mailboxes, with risks of snow plows, icy roads, and rot due to wet weather. That being said, Estes Designs is here to ease your mind on those cold winter days so you can rest knowing your mailbox is in good hands.

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2018 wrapped up with a hot housing market

December housing market sees an increase in home purchases compared to past years

The month of December is usually a slow month for the housing market, but this winter is shaping up to be a favorable time for buyers and sellers that have struggled to buy and sell a home. During December, most consumers are preoccupied with holiday shopping, and homes usually are not a common holiday gift. Furthermore, many homeowners with children do not want to move mid-December and interrupt their children’s academic year. That being said, December 2018 proved to be oddly good for home buyers and sellers comparatively to past years.

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Estes employees gather for our annual Christmas luncheon

Celebrating the spiritual side of Christmas

Every year, Estes Design and Manufacturing, the parent company of Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, hosts a Christmas party to celebrate the hard work of its employees and the true spirit of Christmas.

The luncheon is always full of Christmas tradition, and focuses on the spiritual side of Christmas. Prayer and reflection are a large part of the celebration, and many employees across divisions take the time to meet with other Estes employees to catch up and wish each other a wonderful Christmas.

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