Carrington Commons Community Spotlight

Carrington Combined

This week Estes Designs’ is shining its spotlight on Carrington Commons Community located on the Southeast side of Indianapolis! There’s been a lot of recent discussion about communities’ replacing their individual mailboxes with cluster box units (CBUs). CBUs allow a one-stop-shop for USPS mail delivery to save time and money. Carrington Commons is a community that already uses the CBU system and now has updated units with the help of Estes Designs!

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Importance of Customer Feedback

Our team at Estes Designs strives to provide excellent customer service whether it’s by offering a quality product, providing a reliable and flexible partnership or responding to customer’s feedback. We always appreciate receiving feedback because it gives the company the opportunity to either capitalize on its strengths or improve its weaknesses.

We take customer feedback seriously in order to maintain exceptional customer service, and we’d like to share one example of how we’ve incorporated one customer’s feedback. Estes Designs started selling the aluminum trimmer guards on Amazon in December 2015. One customer left a review about the fact that he did not know how to install the trimmer guard. Estes Designs acknowledged the customer’s concern and quickly provided installation instructions to that customer. Estes went one step further and saw an opportunity to create and include an installation instruction sheet with all future trimmer guards sold. Below are the instructions we now include in case you’re curious on how to install a trimmer guard:

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Estes Designs Sells Nationwide


Since its formation in 2003, Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes has expanded beyond a mailbox manufacturer and installation company for Central Indiana to selling its innovative mailbox solutions nationwide! Estes Designs began the ecommerce portion of its business about two years ago and recently expanded sales for some of its products to Amazon. Estes Designs decided to launch its trimmer guards on Amazon in December, and to date Estes has now sold trimmer guards in 37 of the 50 states!

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Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Summer is a great time to upgrade your mailbox whether you do it yourself or call to have it done by the professionals at Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes! The best part about this project is that it not only will improve the look of your front yard, but it can be done on a small budget. Estes Designs offers a variety of products that can give you a nice, finished look.

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Edgewood Trace Community Spotlight

Featherstone Edited

Estes Designs is happy to give communities like Edgewood Trace the spotlight for partnering with our mailbox and streetscapes services! Providing community improvements around Indianapolis is a passion of ours and we strive to provide the best customer service! Edgewood Trace Community, located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, recognized our quality work and capabilities.

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Estes Designs Introduces Mailbox Mounting Brackets on Amazon!

4_inch_Brackets_with_Screws CR   Brackets_no_Mailbox

Not only can you find Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes’ mailbox post trimmer guards on Amazon, but you can now find mailbox mounting brackets! Estes Designs is excited to sell its aluminum, durable, pre-bent design brackets through You can have access to Estes’ accessories for your mailbox quicker and easier, as these products are Amazon Prime eligible .

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Importance of HOA Covenants

Oxford, Brighton Knoll (4) Edited

Have you ever wondered how HOA Covenants came to exist and why they bring value to a community? When a community is initially created and the land is developed, the developer declares a declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The declaration creates a covenant condition embedded in an assessment lien, which HOAs can place on your house in order to ensure conformance. This is usually agreed to and signed by homeowners when closing the loan on a house.

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Water’s Edge Community Spotlight

WE BeforeWE After

This week Estes Designs is happy to give Water’s Edge Community, located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, the spotlight! At Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, we strive to provide the best customer service. In addition, we continuously look for new ways to serve our customers. Our improvement project with Water’s Edge Community is a great representation of our commitment to customers.

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What to do if Your Mailbox is a Victim of Hail Damage

Central Indiana has recently experienced spring storms, and it is definitely the time of year where Hoosiers and others throughout the country can expect to experience hail. Unfortunately, hail means the potential for damage to your property including your mailbox. People typically think to check their roof or vehicle for damage, but make sure to check your mailbox too, as most mailboxes are made of very thin metal that is easily dented. Small dents will likely be visible on top of mailbox, but it never hurts to take a more careful look, as large hail can affect the shape of a mailbox and make it difficult for the door to operate (close) properly.

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