Trimmer Guard Easy Installation Video Now Available!

Estes Designs now has helpful how-to videos for various mailbox accessories including trimmer guards, mounting brackets, and how to fix your mailbox door. In the videos, you will find the items you need to complete the job, step-by-step detailed instructions, and guiding visuals that you can follow while installing your product. The videos are designed to ensure anyone can install our products, regardless of how experienced you are with tools.

The accessory featured on this week’s mailbox blog is the trimmer guard. Trimmer guards are incredibly helpful in prolonging the life of your mailbox and protecting the base of the post from weed eaters and other lawncare quipment. The guard is made of .50 aluminum and is guaranteed not to rust. The trimmer guards comes in three different sizes that will fit any mailbox post.

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With Rising Costs, Try an Estes Alternative

This June, the Commerce Department imposed an anti-dumping duty on Canadian Lumber imports on top of an already high tariff announced earlier in the year. In total, both taxes sum up to a 27% price increase on imported Canadian lumber.

Although this tariff is causing homebuilders to feel uneasy, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is working on a few solutions that will mitigate the effects. First, the NAHB is urging US lumber companies to increase production as well as contacting other countries for new supplies. This will allow lumber to be bought at a much lower cost. Second, the organization is promoting free trade, which will enable a steady stream of lumber without the impulsive price hikes.

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The Estes Designs Difference

Here at Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, satisfying the customer is our number one priority. It has been our mission since 2003 to provide our customers with the highest quality mailboxes while treating them with the best service possible.

One of the key factors that separates Estes Designs from other companies is our attention to detail. We understand that homeowners want to make a good first impression with their neighborhood in the quickest way possible, which is why we offer a variety of features including:

  • Responsive and reliable customer service
  • “Search by community” to order your neighborhood’s specific mailbox
  • Innovative accessories
  • Convenient e-commerce, including Amazon
  • Competitive price points

We also provide homeowners with an array of resources on our website. If you are unsure about how to install your new mailbox accessories, watch our how-to videos that guide you step-by-step. You can also view USPS specifications to better position your mailbox.

If you are looking to purchase a new mailbox, request a quote from Estes Designs or call (317) 899-5556. Also, stay up to date with everything Estes related by signing up for our eNews!

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How-to Videos Available Now!

Instructions can be difficult, especially when there are no visuals to help clarify the steps. That is why we decided to create easy, step-by-step videos to make sure anyone can install our products.

Estes Designs Adjustable Trimmer Guards are one of our most popular accessories. They protect the mailbox post from lawnmowers and weed eaters, while providing support to the foundation of the mailbox post. They’re also made of aluminum and will not rust. Click on the video for a step-by-step installation.

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Estes Designs eNews Sign-Up

Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes is your one-stop shop for all-things mailbox. Whether you are looking for all-aluminum, premium-grade mailboxes, or accessories to enhance your mailbox, Estes has you covered.

What makes Estes Designs special is our ability to create products with the highest quality standards. Estes Designs mailboxes are USPS certified and guaranteed to last while providing a beautiful accent to your home. Every day, our team is looking for ways to improve our products while exceeding customer expectations.

If you are looking to stay in touch with all of Estes Designs news, sign up for our eNews: perfect for any HOA member, property managers, or anyone interested in upgrading their mailbox. By signing up, you will receive:

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Schedule your Mailbox Appreciation Week

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your yard. Whether you are planting a garden, building a fire pit, or installing a new mailbox, summer offers beautiful weather that makes even the hardest of yard projects enjoyable. Although summer is halfway over and fall is just around the corner, plenty of time is left to take advantage of the warm weather and finish that project you have been planning.

If you are looking for a fun yet productive project that will benefit the entire neighborhood, Estes Designs allows project managers and members of Homeowner Associations (HOAs) to name any week in their neighborhood “Mailbox Appreciation Week.”

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Is Your Curb Ready for Your Independence Day Cookout?”

Independence Day is coming up and Americans all over the country are getting ready for barbeques, elaborate fireworks displays, and large family gatherings that the day brings. If you are the one hosting the party this year, or are just looking to celebrate the special day, make sure your house is ready for festivities by decorating and landscaping your mailbox.

If your mailbox has faded with time, this is a great opportunity to add some color to your curb.

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Community Spotlight: Carrington Commons

Located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, the Carrington Commons Community offers a wide range of styles in condominiums with plenty of living space. The community has taken the leap to save time and money with a great alternative to individual mailboxes. Recently, Carrington Commons decided to upgrade their mailbox system to Cluster Box Units (CBUs).

Cluster Box Units are an excellent option for a community to simplify how its residents receive mail. CBUs are large mailbox units that allow users to store extra mail and packages safely and securely. Estes Designs installs CBUs for communities to meet each neighborhood’s specifications and the USPS standards.

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Community Spotlight: Winterwood

Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes pairs with communities, homeowner associations, and property managers throughout Indiana to give each neighborhood its own unique look. Estes Designs mailboxes are a perfect way to improve a home’s curb appeal and the neighborhood’s atmosphere.

One community that wanted a mailbox unit that was in step with the architecture of its homes was the Winterwood Community. Winterwood is an exclusive, gated community in Carmel, IN, filled with beautiful and unique estate homes. The unit the community chose was our tan, powder coated, extra-large capacity, all-aluminum Estes T3 mailbox.  It paired perfectly with the homes throughout the neighborhood.  Winterwood also added matching aluminum, custom newspaper chutes that looks spectacular next to the mailboxes.

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We’ve Got Your Father’s Day Gifts Covered!

This Father’s Day, don’t celebrate with the same sock-and-tie combo that you’ve been giving for years. Instead, give that special dad in your life the gift he really deserves: the heavy duty Estes T3 Mailbox.

The Estes T3 Mailbox comes with all the features a father could possibly think of and more. Features include:

  • Strong, thick gauge aluminum
  • Reinforced hinge and magnetic latch for a secure mailbox door
  • Brushed nickel knob that adds style and resists rust
  • Baked on powder coated finish to resist the toughest elements
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