Save your mailbox this winter with Estes Designs

We’re open normal hours all winter long to give our customers peace of mind

Winter is here, and we can guarantee that your mailbox is not happy about it. At Estes Designs, we understand that the winter months are a treacherous time for many mailboxes, with risks of snow plows, icy roads, and rot due to wet weather. That being said, Estes Designs is here to ease your mind on those cold winter days so you can rest knowing your mailbox is in good hands.

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2018 wrapped up with a hot housing market

December housing market sees an increase in home purchases compared to past years

The month of December is usually a slow month for the housing market, but this winter is shaping up to be a favorable time for buyers and sellers that have struggled to buy and sell a home. During December, most consumers are preoccupied with holiday shopping, and homes usually are not a common holiday gift. Furthermore, many homeowners with children do not want to move mid-December and interrupt their children’s academic year. That being said, December 2018 proved to be oddly good for home buyers and sellers comparatively to past years.

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Estes employees gather for our annual Christmas luncheon

Celebrating the spiritual side of Christmas

Every year, Estes Design and Manufacturing, the parent company of Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, hosts a Christmas party to celebrate the hard work of its employees and the true spirit of Christmas.

The luncheon is always full of Christmas tradition, and focuses on the spiritual side of Christmas. Prayer and reflection are a large part of the celebration, and many employees across divisions take the time to meet with other Estes employees to catch up and wish each other a wonderful Christmas.

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Estes Designs gives large estate homes the royal treatment

Making mailboxes look like a million bucks

Even large estate style homes can have their mailbox issues. Bridlebourne, a gorgeous gated community located in Carmel, Indiana had several mailbox issues and needed restore their mailboxes to “like new” condition. Earlier this year, Estes Designs was asked to provide a custom solution for the Bridlebourne community to ensure that each mailbox in the neighborhood looked as perfect as the house it represented, similar to the pictured mailbox. 

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Thank you to our loyal customers!

At Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, we strive to provide the best-in-class customer service and superlative products to our customers every day. Part of our Estes Difference is the belief that you’re not just another customer, you’re part of the Estes family. As we approach the Christmas season, we’re reminded of the importance of relationships in business and, more importantly, daily life. That’s why we want to express our thanks to you, our customers, for entrusting us to fulfill your mailbox needs.

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Housing Market NAHB

Housing market could slow in the coming months

According to a recent article from the NAHB, home-builder confidence in the housing market has dropped.

Affordability concerns, shortages of labor and rising regulatory costs have led builder confidence in the market of brand new, single family homes to decline in recent months. With the recent slowdown in both home building and purchasing, many businesses that rely on a thriving housing market are struggling to keep consumers knocking on their door. Nevertheless, consumer demand for single family homes is not slowing down.

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Cluster Box Unit

Community Spotlight: Havenwood

Understanding how Cluster Box Units (CBUs) improve communities

Recently, Estes Designs installed CBUs for M/I Homes’ newest community, Havenwood, in Noblesville, Indiana. Havenwood is a 150-home community that provides a suburban oasis for residents. All new communities in Noblesville are installing CBUs over curb-side mailboxes because of the many benefits for neighborhoods and residents.

We want to help you understand the benefits of CBUs and how can they enhance your neighborhood. 

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