Partnering with BAGI to Ensure Highest Standards

Estes Designs’ Partnership with BAGI

Estes Designs has partnerships with numerous homebuilders and has been a member of the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) for more than eight years. Throughout these years, Estes Designs has been able to help communities all around Indianapolis provide new or upgraded, durable mailboxes. Ensuring that there are quality products going into the community, both BAGI and Estes Designs ensure a top builder’s standard.

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Community Spotlight: Towne Park Condos

Estes Designs is Here for You

During this ever-evolving time Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes hopes you are safe and well. We know your mailbox is not likely a priority for you with all of the other day-to-day challenges of the “new normal” environment. However, with many people being at home, there’s an increased appreciation for mail. Your mailboxes will be the vehicle for you to receive important documents for the Census and taxes and perhaps even a crisis-relief check.

The current situation brings about a new sense of community as we see many people coming together to do their parts at family, local, state, national and global levels. At Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, communities are at the heart of our business, and we’re proud to serve so many Central Indiana communities. We’d like to highlight one such community today. Located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, Towne Park Condos recently worked with Estes Designs to replace their current units. Ardsley Property Management contracted with the experts at Estes Designs to give the condos a whole new upgrade.

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Tax Returns

Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes will Keep Your Important Documents Safe

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Keep Your Tax and Census Documents Secure with Estes Designs

It is necessary to have a mailbox that will be durable through the changing weather and keep all types of mail safe and dry. Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes offers high quality products including mailboxes, posts, trimmer guards, and other accessories for all of our customer’s needs.

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