Mailbox for Fisher Pointe Community

Community Spotlight: Fishers Pointe


Recently, Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes worked with the Fishers Pointe Homeowners Association (HOA) to replace mailboxes and mailbox posts for their community in Fishers, Indiana. Sentry Management, an operational leadership firm that provides services to homeowner and condominium associations, suggested that the Fishers Pointe community work with us as their community mailboxes were beginning to look worn down, which ultimately negatively affected their community appearance.


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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement: An Estes Philosophy

“Improvement” has become one of the most used buzzwords in the business world. With almost every company striving for improvement, the definition of improvement has become more and more ambiguous. After all, how do you define and track improvement? Improvement is not just another buzzword to us; at our parent company Estes Design and Manufacturing, it is one of the four pillars of the company philosophy, and it is apparent through measurable goals that we set and monitor. In this post, we will discuss what continuous improvement means to Estes Designs Mailbox & Streetscapes, and how we achieve our improvement goals through: 1) the utilization of a business management software, Jobber, which makes us more efficient; and 2) the importance of ongoing product development.

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