Get your mailbox ready for spring!

Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes offers aluminum trimmer guards that strengthen and secure your mailbox base. As spring lawn maintenance picks back up, trimmer guards are an excellent way to protect your mailbox from lawnmower and weed eater damage. Estes Designs’ aluminum trimmer guards adjust to the size of your post. These durable, pre-bent trimmer guards result in a uniform, clean, and straight corner.

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Benefits of Cluster Box Units

Cluster Box Units (CBUs) have become increasingly popular as a mailbox option for communities throughout the United States and Greater Indianapolis area. CBUs simplify the way residents send and receive mail. CBUs ensure that mail lays flat, and are large enough to still receive larger parcels. CBUs are large locking mailbox units that allow users to store extra mail and packages safely and securely. Estes Design Mailbox and Streetscapes installs CBUs to meet each neighborhood’s specifications and the USPS standards.

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Community Spotlight: Pebble Brook Villas

Pebble Brook Villas, a brand new community in Noblesville, Indiana, is planned to be a premier community. In need of a Cluster Box Unit (CBU) installation to conform to new local postal guidelines, Lennar Homes Indianapolis asked long time trade partner Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes to complete the job efficiently and using high quality products.

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Community Spotlight: Crystal Lake Subdivision

At Estes Designs Mailbox and Streetscapes, we take great pride in being able to serve communities throughout Indiana. We want to highlight a community we just recently served: Crystal Lake Subdivision. Crystal Lake is located on the north side of Indianapolis. We were contracted by Community Management Services, a service provider for property management services within Central Indiana, for comprehensive work to update their community’s mailboxes.

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Lunch and Learn with Community Management Services

We love meeting new people. In fact, it’s one of the differentiators that make Estes Designs Mailboxes and Streetscapes so customer friendly.

This afternoon, we had the privilege of hosting a Lunch and Learn for Community Management Services (CMS) in Indianapolis. Over a delicious lunch from McAlister’s Deli, we talked about mailboxes, street signs, mailbox posts and accessories. It turns out, for many property managers, these seemingly simple products can be a big issue for their communities.

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Keep your mail safe during Spring Break

Take precautions to protect your mail

With Spring Break just around the corner, you might have plans to get out of town for a few days. This is a fun time of year for families to travel somewhere warm and get ready for summer! While you are away, protect your mail and home.

Protecting your mail is important in two aspects. First, stolen mail can put you at risk for identity theft. Second, uncollected mail notifies potential burglars of an unoccupied home. This leaves you vulnerable to a home burglary.

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