How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Over the past few years, the housing market has shown incredible signs of strength. With interest rates incredibly low, homeowners around the nation, especially in Indiana, have been selling their houses at record median prices. Although it took months to sell a home before the market boom, owners are now selling their homes in just…

Indianapolis Housing Boom

The Indianapolis housing market is booming! Indy’s sports, food, entertainment, affordability and job opportunities attract more people to move to the city every year, which causes a major increase in the demand for housing. To keep up with this demand, the city plans to invest in more housing developments in the surrounding areas.

Remodeling Market to Shift

Society often wants the newest and greatest products. Consumers line the streets for the latest phones and purchase the newest fashion every season to keep up with the trends. Similarly, many people strive to remodel and upgrade their homes. This year, the spending for single-family homes is projected to rise by 5.3% to $380.3 billion.