Did your mailbox recently get hit by a snow plow? Has the winter elements rusted away your mailbox? Does your mailbox have issues with the flag or the door? Look no further than an Estes Designs aluminum mailbox, now available on Amazon.

Not all mailboxes are created equal. Owners of standard galvanized mailboxes experience issues like rust and dents from being outside in the elements. In addition, the door hinge and latch can rust and bend, causing the door to not properly align or close. The flag and handle also tend to bend and break easily.

Lucky for you, you can avoid all of these issues. Estes Designs has created a high quality mailbox, such as the Estes T3 Aluminum Mailbox, with improved features that addresses all of the standard mailbox issues. The Estes Designs Aluminum mailboxes are made in the USA with the following high quality features that differentiates them from standard mailboxes:

    • Made of thick, heavy duty rust-free aluminum
    • Durable powder-coated finish
    • Construction that withstands the elements and resists dings
    • Raised floor to keep mail dry
    • Piano hinge at base of door to keep door in line
    • Magnetic door latch for easy opening and closing that keeps the door lid firmly closed when not in use

The extra-large capacity Estes T3 Aluminum Mailbox can be purchased on Amazon with Amazon Prime free shipping. Estes Designs sells trimmer guards, mailbox mounting brackets, custom mailbox vinyl lettering, and other mailbox accessories online as well. Whatever your mailbox need, Estes Designs is there for you. Check out Estes Designs’ products on Amazon or on the company’s website today.